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“You need a spanking young lady. Get over my knee!”

Your Favorite “Women Only” Disciplinarian

Are you a woman who has dreamt about being put across a sophisticated mature woman’s knee? Do you wish that she would verbally scold you for your poor behavior and tell you that a spanking is the only solution? Would you also want her to explain that she is going to bend you over her knee, pull up your skirt and down your panties to administer an embarrassing bare bottom spanking?

“I would love to do that!”

Are you a man who has yearned to watch your female partner be put across a cultured & seasoned woman’s knee for a naughty girl spanking? (With your female partner’s desire& consent.) Do you want to hear that strict disciplinarian reprimand your partner for offenses that warrant a humiliating punishment? To watch as her skirt is lifted and her panties pulled down to receive a bare bottom spanking?

“Oh please… let me take care of that for you!”
A one-hour Fantasy Fulfillment Session with me includes most any kind of spanking you desire. A sexy, erotic paddling, a strict disciplinary one or anything in between! My goal is to provide you with the session that satisfies your most secret desires.
Tell me what role play you want so I can creatively develop the story in advance. That will prepare us both for the juiciest of outcomes! I’ll paddle you over my knee, over a couch, in the bathroom, while you stand or lay flat. Whatever your heart desires…

Depending on the type of session you request, besides traditional OTK, my organic play (with your permission of course), can include verbal reprimands, tickling, scratching, pinching, squeezing, dry humping, flogging, nibbling, hair grabbing, whispering and of course spanking your bare or covered naughty bottom. Any combination of these interactions are a trademark of my play. (Marks are optional.)

I spank with my hand and a variety of implements for the naughtiest of girls (a few examples are imaged below.) You’re welcome to supply your own favorite implements for me to use on your bottom as well.

When I have completed that part of your punishment, you will have a very red, blistered, sore (& probably embarrassing) bare bottom.
You might then be ordered to stand in the corner with your panties by your ankles and your bottom in full view for me (and possibly your audience.)
Or, with your panties still down, you may be told to call someone over your phone to tell them what just happened to your bottom because of your behavior. Watch out! You just never know what to expect from me!

My desire is to stimulate you so much that you are driven to relieve yourself in private after I leave. (And then tell me all about it later.)

After our time together, besides a sore bottom, I want you to be left with a vivid memory that will last a lifetime.

Sexy Photographs are welcome as long as they are approved by all parties.

My most defined limitations include but are not limited to; no penetration, no orgasms, nothing sexual, no blood or body excretions (except sweat& possibly tears.)

To read a more detailed description of my Fantasy Fulfillment Sessions and the thoughts I have behind them, please read the recently published interview by Andy Cano.

“You do not need to attend the party to schedule a session with me.”

Contact me for details regarding your Fantasy Fulfillment Session

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